Is This Life For You?

If you are serious about changing your situation, leaving the rat race, busting loose and living a life of happiness, peace, freedom and fulfillment, you MAY have arrived at the right place.

I say may because  what we do is not for everyone. If you are a tech expert and can’t wait to dive into the weeds of new and divergent coding strategies… you will be disappointed.

We are NOT techies.

But… if you like the idea of being able to work part time, in a real business that is simple to operate from home, hotel or campground, stay with us.  In our business we work with physical products.

Our business and tutorials center around selling physical products you see everyday, by the piece, the case and even the truckload.  If you stay with us you will learn how to sell products online and offline .

You can start with zero money and no experience. You will learn more here than most will ever absorb in a $5,000.00 weekend seminar, although some of those can be cool if you have the cash and time to go.

So if a low tech business that you can work from home or while traveling, PT or FT, starting with no money and no experience sounds appealing, this life  might just be right for you.

We won’t teach you untested theories and waste your time. We have been there. And we built our business thru the school of hard knocks.  Now we can travel with our dogs, operating our business an hour or so a day.

You won’t need to go thru that or spend the time. We teach only what we know and have done ourselves. You can be up and running oftime the same day.   If  this sounds good and you are ready to change your life now :

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We’ll see ya soon 🙂

Dr B